Who am I?

„What is Hulkur travelling bar?“, „Where is Hulkur located?“, „Why Hulkur at all?“ – these are the most common questions in Hulkur’s everyday.

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Hulkur is exactly where he is needed the most! Hulkur is precisely what you expect from a bar!

Hulkur travelling bar will be exactly where you need us to be and will help a party to be THE party. You may be wondering: would it be easier to just hire a barman? But are you willing to set up a bar and order all the necessary ingredients like glasses, cups, liquor, and soft drinks? We’ll definitely find a great solution for your birthday, corporate event, wedding, or just about any party – from 10 participants to thousands. Hulkur is flexible and fun!

We’ll help you minimize the stress that comes with organising events.

Hulkur travelling bar will make cocktails and keep people happy! If your event is at a venue without a bar, but you still need to offer people some drinks, Hulkur will join in and take care of everything needed to make one hell of a great bar! You can skip the planning procedure.

Hulkur comes with 2 barmen or more, a bar, shelves, drinks, and all the necessary equipment. Hulkur is extremely flexible and will always give 200%. You may have expectations for assortment, decorations, costumes, giraffes…whatever – let’s put our heads together and our ideas into one epic pot!

I will listen carefully to all of your preferences about taste and prepare cocktails that provide new and fresh experiences!

It’s possible to order classic cocktails, for sure, but Hulkur’s mission is to offer a lot more. Our assortment is not fixed, we will create a custom menu for every event by discussing it with the event planner. Drinks have to match with the concept of the party! We can also work with drinks provided by the organiser, if you have bought them or got them as gifts during years..

What Hulkur’s friends are saying about us

“Hulkur ended up at our party serendipitously. A friend recommended and looks like the friend made a favor because we are more than happy with the Hulkur’s team. It’s not exactly easy finding a group that’s ready to pour out 4,000 (yes, four thousand!) cocktails and do it with a smile on their faces and first-class service. A sign of their quality and flexibility is also the goal set before the party: “At least one person must leave the party admitting that they’ve found their new favorite cocktail.” And that happened. Probably with more than one person.”

Elamusstuudio | Mihkel Lubi

“Hulkur’s boys and girls are a cool bunch that turn a classical bar into a fun gathering place at every event. Their relaxed communication and flexibility with unusual and creative ideas always bring a smile to our faces. In addition to that, they always approach each client personally and suggest creative ideas in bar setup as well as costumes. Jolos Events is happy that we have Hulkur as a friend.”

Jolos Events | AdCash | CGI Eesti | Transferwise | Refresh Conference | Swedbank

"Hulkur is a very lively and creative mobile bar which also knows how to entertain their guests. They were present for my child's birthday and their impressively delicious non-alcoholic cocktails and smoothies for sure seduced all the people who were present that day, especially the kids. Besides serving drinks, they also do it in a non-conventional way with their bar settings, costumes and the friendly atmosphere they create. We were very satisfied and definitely recommend their services if you're looking forward to having some fun times."

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Hans | Nora sünnipäev

"I have been making events with Hulkur in New York, Mexico City, Sacramento, Miami, Vaasa, Athena, Pärnu & Tallinn - it has been always inspiriting, performative, crazy experience - talented people, wild flames, great drinks, best atmosphere and even more ..."

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Al Paldrok | NON - GRATA

“From now on, Hulkur will be part of our every event. Feels like this happens to most who try their services. Helena and Karl were not nice, but very nice, and the cocktail training and bar were 10/10. By the end of the night, it felt like they were part of our organization. :)”

Kair Käsper | Co-Founder

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Some questions that might pop up while planning a party:

How to keep the drinks cold in the summer?

Hulkur makes sure the drinks are chilled and takes care of everything related to drinks: ice, cups, glasses, fruit, personnel, etc.

What kind of drinks are preferred by the guests?

Don’t worry, Hulkur brings along a wide selection of drinks and everyone should be able to find something for themselves. We can base the selection on your personal preference or our general knowledge of popular drinks.

How to decide on the amount of beverages to get?

Hulkur brings all the drinks along and only charges for the used amount.

What kind of entertainment to get in addition to performers?

Why not let the bar be the entertainment at your party! A beautifully decorated bar with fun barmen and delicious drinks always get the party going and guests excited.

I’ve heard that getting a bar to a party is expensive?

Trust us, it’s more expensive to let the guests mix their own drinks 😁 Why? Because a barman’s pour stays steady throughout the night, even while the guests get buzzing.